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6 Winter Outfits for Wedding Guests

Winter can prevent a girl from looking her best for a wedding. Overcoats and scarves cover up an outfit you’ve taken great pains to put together. Here are 6 winter outfits for wedding guests to look trendy, yet warm for a cold, January or February wedding.

Teal Jumpsuit

teal jumpsuit for wedding guest outfit

Add a jacket or pashmina for a warm, glowing look for weddings in the Fall or Winter.

Embroidery Dress with Long Duster

Floral Dress for Wedding Guests

Wear this ensemble in Winter or Spring for a fresh look on a mild weather day. It gives us something to look forward to when flowers begin to bloom and the grass begins to green.

Little Black Tux

little black tux

Looking for something different to wear to a winter wedding? A ladies tuxedo is the perfect option for something dressy casual.

Lace Top with Red Skirt

Red Skirt to a Winter Wedding

Not quite ready to put away your Christmas reds? Pair a neutral lace blouse with a vibrant skirt for a energetic and festive look.

Velvet Dress

Green Velvet Dress

There’s nothing more elegant than velvet. Wear long sleeves to stay warm without the need for a wrap.

Crochet Sleeved Little Black Dress

Crochet Little Black Dress

This little black dress is inexpensive and perfect for any season.

And what outfit is complete without the perfect jewelry? Here are a few suggestions from CoziKnot to top off your warm winter wedding attire.

pearl drop earrings

Pearl Drop Earrings

opal bracelet

Opal Bracelet  – perfect with floral embroidery dress.

Bridal Necklace Set

Easy shopping with a teardrop necklace and earring set.