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Will you be my bridesmaid?

It’s the night of our grand opening. I walk up to total strangers and ask them to be my bridesmaid. Some laugh, some say yes, and others stare at me with a bewildered look on their face. Especially the men. The shocked faces are the most fun! I’m Kim, owner of CoziKnot Bridal, and a bride of 39 years. I look nothing like a modern bride. 😉 Mother of the bride, yes! Bride, not so much. And I’m definitely past the stage of asking a friend to be my bridesmaid.

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How This Idea Sprouted

My daughter is getting married in January and we are in full wedding-planning mode. As we discuss the gifts she wants to give her bridesmaids for graciously standing beside her on that big day, we realize that we will have to order things from several different sites and pay shipping for each purchase. I wondered, “Wouldn’t it be nice if brides had a place to order all gifts at one time and pay one shipping price? The seed was planted and began to grow.

As a result, I traveled to Atlanta for VOW, a seminar for those in the bridal business. I soaked up the information, patted a little pooch who accompanied her owner to the seminar and asked lots of questions. Several said, “Don’t go into the bridesmaid business, it’s the slowest of the industry.” And then, the gentleman sitting in front of me turned to me with these encouraging words…

Take Excellent Care of Your Bridesmaids and You’ll Be in Business Forever

Will you be my bridesmaid?

That is to say, if we treat our bridesmaids like the royalty they are, they will remember us. Knowing that every wedding is all about the bride, we make her pre-wedding jitters a little less anxious. We assist every bride in gift buying for her

  • bridesmaids
  • flower girl
  • maid of honor
  • matron of honor
  • mother of the bride
  • mother of the groom. And…
  • Coming soon, gifts for groomsmen.

Our inventory includes bridesmaid proposal gifts as well as prom proposal, jewelry for pageant contestants, and your homecoming court. It is our intention to scour the bridal industry and find the best gifts at the best prices. We aim to make your decision making and shopping easier.

Blogging Goals

Most importantly, this website is dedicated to the wedding party. All parties. It is our goal to make wedding planning easier. We will share ideas for all things wedding. Ideas for:

  • bridal showers
  • what to do with your bouquets after the wedding
  • how to choose your accessories
  • how to write your vows
  • what to pack for the honeymoon 
  • prayer for the groom 
  • prayer for the bride

And yes, there are other sites out there that do the same. What makes ours different? We are a faith-based company, focused on gift-giving and the spiritual gift of marriage.

Since the original publication of this post, my daughter’s wedding has passed. And I can honestly say that she’s not the only one on a honeymoon. Her smile as she walked down the aisle, her complete lack of hesitation as she recited her own vows, the father-daughter dance and the heartfelt letter she left me have me walking around in euphoria. There were hiccups, yes! Like being under a tornado warning for 20 minutes. The whole wedding party had to get to a safe place while keeping the groom from seeing his bride. But what a story we have to tell! We had prayer in our prayer closet and felt HIS presence in that room as her bridesmaids expressed their total dependance on HIM.

Prayer During the Storm

We ask our brides to share their photos, their ideas, bad choices and good ones. Finally, please check in often, leave comments and share your photos on our social media. We want to hear all about your big day. Tornadoes and all.