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7 Ways to Wear Hair Accessories on Your Wedding Day


how to wear bridal hair accessories

There are many types of bridal hair accessories and at least 7 ways to wear them. Whether you choose to secure your veil or add a bit of sparkle to an updo, a gorgeous hair-piece is a sophisticated touch. Here are a few pieces I think you’ll love.

Bridal hair combs can be worn in short or long hair, in an updo or if your hair cascades behind your veil on your big day. They make great gifts and look beautiful as a sweet touch to your bridesmaids’ hair, too. Keep yours forever and wear it on anniversaries or to a friends’ wedding. If you choose a veil for the ceremony, hair combs are a practical and gorgeous addition for the reception.

You can find bridal combs in an assortment of designs. Some have pearls, rhinestones, feathers, crystal, opals, Cubic Zirconia, fabric flowers, and other gems. Metal finishes include silver, gold, and rose gold.

Bridal Hair Pin

Types of Hair Accessories

  • hair-combs
  • veil combs
  • flower pins
  • hair chains
  • headband
  • tiara
  • hair pins



Hair combs

Add a hair comb to a messy bun, updo, behind an ear, or to a french knot. This touch of blue can be found on Etsy.

Haircomb with french knot

Veil combs

Veil combs add an extra touch to both your hair and the veil. Try adding both, a chain and a comb. Secure the chain around the crown of your head, ending with the chain attached to the pin or comb.

Veil with Haircomb

Veil Comb

Flower pins

Consider making your own flower pins, by adding baby’s breath with bobby pins. Or choose one in my shop!!

Hair chains

One of my favorite looks is braiding a hair chain on the diagonal across the back of the hair.

Hair Chain in Braid


Think outside the top of your head, by attaching a headband across the top of an updo at the base of your crown.

Headband over messy bun


Think of yourself as royalty and add a tiara to your veil. They are gorgeous without the veil, too. Another glorious look, is to sit the tiara atop the crown of your head and secure a headband or chain beneath your updo, creating one long cohesive headpiece.

Wedding Tiara Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories – pins

Adding hair pins to braids, a french braid or a messy bun takes a simple hairstyle up a notch.

bridal hair accessory-pins

dancing the night away

There are a number of ways to secure a hair accessory. Most have staying power of their own. However, when the DJ spins “Twist and Shout,” you do not want your hair comb to be the one doing the twist. Simply add a few hidden bobby pins or snap clips that are the same color as your hair.

Dancing the night away

the energy of elastic

The best way to secure a bridal hair accessory is to use elastic hair bands. Choose small sections of hair in a neat row and add the energy of elastic to hold the piece in place. Working from left to right or top to bottom, place the comb between the rows of elastic bands, concealing them as you go. According to the size of your headpiece, add enough elastic bands to fit the accessory.

7 ways to wear hair comb

We would all love to know what worked best on your wedding day, so please share in the comments below.