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Bring wedding day thanks to your Thanksgiving Table as a thoughtful way to remind your loved ones how much you appreciate their support in wedding planning. The turkey may be the centerpiece of the season, but showing gratitude to your wedding party when they least expect it, is no gobbledygook. This is a fun, random act of kindness different than addressing piles of thank-you notes after a shower.

Wedding Day Gratitude

Here are just a few ways to surprise your loved ones with wedding gratitude:

Thanksgiving Show and Tell


  • Bring a picture of your mom on her wedding day to the Thanksgiving Gathering. Share a story of how she solved a problem or gave you an idea for your wedding.
  • Do the same for your mother-in-love when you visit his side of the family.
  • Bring a picture of you as a little girl with your dad and share how special he is and was as he walked you down the aisle.

Daddy and Daughter

  • Bring a few small gifts given to you for the occasion of a shower or the wedding. Share why they mean so much to you.
  • Share one piece of advice you’ve received that has been helpful and ask others to share as well.

ThanksGiving Around the Table

  • Bring small gifts to share with your family to remind them how special they are to you. Something simple will do. Like pretty bookmarks for the ladies and a keychain for the guys. Say something like this:

    Just like a bookmark saves your page, I want to save the memory of how helpful you’ve been during my wedding planning. Thank you for all the dog-earred, save-the-date, work you’ve put into my wedding day.

    Guys, you’ve been the key to making this day one to remember. Please remember how thankful we are for all you’ve done.

  • Create a small scrapbook of pictures of the wedding and give one to each family around the table. Include pictures of them having fun at your wedding. Share how special each family is to you.

However you decide to shower your friends and family with gratitude this Thanksgiving; sprinkle a little wedding day gratitude around the table, too.

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