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Don’t Put this Opal-Petals Bracelet on Last


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Don’t Put this Opal-Petals Bracelet on Last!

There’s an antiquated fashion rule that says this: One way to be sure you aren’t wearing too much jewelry is to remove the last piece of jewelry you put on. To that I say, don’t put this opal-petals bracelet on last! You will not want to take it off. Here are all the reasons you need opal in your jewelry box:
  1. If you want to avoid wearing too much jewelry on your wedding day, take off your necklace or an ankle bracelet.
  2. This opal-petals bracelet will draw attention to your hands. And that other piece of jewelry on your left ring finger. 😉

A Solution to the Best Problem in Your Wardrobe

Listen ladies, I know how difficult it is when you love all of your jewelry, but can’t wear it all on one day. Well, I guess you can if you are Ida Apfel.  Fortunately, I have a solution. I added this piece to my inventory because it is one you won’t want to remove. After the wedding, you’ll want to wear it everyday.

Thirdly, opals are the gem of many colors and are versatile for most styles and fashion designs. The translucent stones change color in the light. They make it easy to pair with any shade in your wardrobe. These gems can be formal as on your wedding day, or casual for a lunch with friends. Opals are a must-have gem for every lady. 

opal petals bracelet

Next, if you don’t like to travel with expensive jewelry, pack opals. They are a pretty, delicate, stone that matches most everything. Opals are priced reasonably. They will add a touch of class to every outfit. Not to mention, they will be a sweet addition to your honeymoon trousseau.

It’s All in the Details, Ladies

  • Description: Rhodium plated rhinestone bracelet
  • Size: 6.25″ L x 1″ W
  • Available Color(s): Rose Gold/Pink White Opal/White Opal/Amber/Clear

I call this bracelet Opal Petals because the design reminds me of a flower. What a lovely addition to the bouquet you’ll carry down the aisle. Only with this one, you can actually wear it without worrying. This bouquet of flowers will never drop its petals.


It’s Giving Season

The versatility of this bracelet make it a perfect gift for bridesmaids. You can also gift it to mom, your future mom-in-love or a friend celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary. It is a great gift for an anniversary and make his shopping so easy. Have your friend drop him a hint.

Finally, here’s a list you can share to your social media or save to Pinterest. If you do, please leave a comment about your favorite anniversary gift. There’s one thing I know for sure about this list. A man must have written it, because why would we leave the diamond for so late in life!?


Anniversary Gift List

First Decade

Second Decade

Third Decade


Beginning a New Generation



It’s 50 Years!



Similar to the antiquated fashion rule, editing a post often requires removing sentences that are too wordy. You’ll never edit your jewelry by removing an opal.


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