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Set of 2 Green Metal Baskets


Set of 2 Green Metal Baskets

Measurement: Largest is: 17”W x 12”D x 11½”H; Small: 14½”W x 10½”D x 10½”H.

These baskets nest easily for shipping.

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Set of 2 Green Metal Baskets

This set of 2 glorious green metal baskets will add lush color and texture to your kitchen. Gather all of your fruits and vegetables into these storage baskets.

Or if you are planning a wedding, add a unique flavor to your flower girls’ walk down the aisle. Add a beautiful pearl necklace to her dress and use one of these green metal baskets for her little waltz on your special day.

green metal baskets

A Flower Girl’s Path of Wonder

Turn the aisle into a meadow where your groom stretches his arms to welcome you. Petals, like joy, happiness and faith line the rows of chairs leading to a path of wonder. As your union opens your future, enjoy this wonderful day. For this is the day where everything is sprouting up roses. Whether it’s a warm sunny day, or a cool evening in the Fall, stroll slowly down the aisle. And smell the first blooms of a life filled with special deliveries.

Line the baskets with moss, fabric, tulle or wherever your imagination carries you. Then add rose or other flower petals for your little fairy to drop prior to your entrance. As your flower girl walks down the aisle, her youthful prance scattering rays of sunshine, she has only one thing on her mind….  Stealing the show.


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