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Set of 2 Nesting Wire Baskets for Gathering or Storing



Large: 10″W x 8″D x 5¾”H. Small: 8¼”W x 6¼”D x 5″H. These two baskets nest for easy shipping and storage.

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This set of 2 nesting wire baskets are a fantastic choice for gathering or storing items. First, if you are gathering flowers or vegetables from your garden or simply need more storage, these fill the bill.

Set of 2 Nesting Baskets

Set of 2 Nesting Wire Baskets

Second, this is one set of baskets you never regret having. Use them in your decor for a rustic or French touch. Fill with lavender bundles and set beside your tub. Add books and a candle or use for a delightful flower girl basket.

Thirdly, whether your wedding is in your backyard or an elegant cathedral, these baskets, once decorated, are a showstopper! Add layers of lace and tulle to the rim and line with fabric. What a beautiful keepsake for your flower girl after she scatters her petals down the aisle!

Finally, your bridesmaids will love them! Gather all their favorite things, like slippers, earrings or a bracelet and add a ribbon. Voilá, you have a treasure of thank-you’s!


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