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Say Hello to Your Little Bracelet


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I couldn’t help but laugh. Have you ever talked to a body part? If not, you should do it now. No matter where you are, pick a body part and say hello! You’ll feel like a kid again. People around you may begin to move away, but chalk that up to being too adult.

A Bracelet for Slender Hands

What was so funny? I read a quote recently by Lauren Myracle and even though it is about toes, it made me think of my fingers.

Hello toes,” I say. They’re good toes. I like that they’re long and slender and not the slightest bit stubby. I wiggle them, ten unstubby waves that say, “And hello to you, Human Host!” Except they’re toes. I’m talking to my toes. Maybe I’m not bored… maybe I’m lonely?

Do you have slender hands? Long, delicate fingers and healthy nails?  All the fashion experts tell us to choose a style that compliments our best features. This bracelet compliments your beautiful, slender hands. Hands that you’ll want to say hello to!

Say Hello to Your Little Bracelet

My husband  (affectionately nicknamed 007) and I use another quote about most everything. Remember in Scarface, when Al Pacino says, “Say hello to my little friend!”, and then blows everybody away with a machine gun? Well, we use that line all the time. I was going on a trip recently that I was so excited about, so as I was leaving I said, “Say hello to my little trip!!” Well, now I want you to say hello to your little bracelet. It will blow everybody away. I’m so thankful though, that they will live. And they will want to know where you purchased such a lovely little bracelet. And you will say, “CoziKnot Bridal Accessories. Not only do I love their jewelry and accessories, but I love her blog!” And then I will say hello to a new little friend! The delicate style and slant to the stones make this a unique piece of jewelry. Made of Rhodium plated metal, this rhinestone bracelet is 6.75″ long x .50″ wide. Available Color(s): Silver/Clear/Light Peach If by chance you chose to say hello to your lovely locks, then this hair jewelry will be the perfect compliment to this bracelet.


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